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Navigating Stock Photography Composition

Now that you have a better understanding of how to search for the stock photography you need, let’s dive a little deeper. One key design element to keep in mind is that your images should complement the content, not distract from it. While seemingly simple, this takes practice to master. Let’s take a look at how stock photography composition can create the biggest impact in your presentation.

Photo Quality

Overall, photo quality in general has dramatically improved over the past few years. Note that just because an image looks great on your phone, does not mean it will look the same when projected on a large wall. We recommend sizing images to the highest projector resolution the presentation may require. A great rule of thumb for background images is 1920 pixels across for horizontal, and 1200 pixels high for vertical. Of course, higher resolution images will suffice as well.

Photo Subjects

Stock photos use actors to represent a situation, profession, or feeling in many cases. Often, it’s painfully obvious that they are just actors. The closer the image looks to reality, the more convincing it will be in a design. For example, take a look at these acted photos:

This is where stock photography composition can make a big difference. While there isn’t anything wrong with the photos and the actors look like lovely people, these photos lack the charm, inspiration and realness of the following images:

While people are still the main subject, the impact of the bottom photos is intensified by the use of light, angles, and settings.

Photo Composition

Finally, when choosing a background image, try finding something that leaves a lot of negative space for other elements. This is what we mean when we say let your content shine through. Take a look at this example:

health happiness

While the fresh new bud sprouting from the rich soil beneath it is certainly interesting, it isn’t distracting. It also supports the idea of health and happiness. Keep in mind some qualifiers that will lend to the feeling of your photography. Are you aiming for modern, trendy, professional, techy? Let that feeling guide your stock photography composition choices as well.

Our designers work with a diverse base of clients and a wide range of images.  They are seasoned in all things stock photography composition. Heck–they gave me most of these tips and tricks to pass along! Let us know if there’s a need for any design help with your upcoming project by reaching out for a free quote!

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