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3 Free Fonts You Need to Download for PowerPoint Today

by Adam Noar

3 best fonts for powerpoint

It’s been a little while since we talked about fonts on the Panda blog. But don’t think for one second that fonts are less important in today’s presentations.  

In fact, fonts are more important than ever. And they
provide such an easy way to add style and personality to your presentation.

Much like looking for presentation images, finding great
fonts for your slide decks can be OVERWHELMING. With so many choices you can
easily waste hours browsing the many available fonts out there on the internet.

That is why we are introducing THREE really cool fonts that
you can download for free to use in your presentations right now! Simply click
on the links of the fonts listed below, and hit the download button to start
adding some much needed emotion to your presentations.

Here we go!


top powerpoint fonts - puzzled font

Puzzled, is a modern trendy script front that has been
attentively written with gentle curves to produce a font that’s completely
distinctive and original. It looks like that kind of font that you would see in
a fashion magazine.

It contains a full set of lower & uppercase letters, a
large range of punctuation, numerals and multilingual support.

The font is perfect for adding an elegant and unique touch
to your PowerPoint slides. Obviously, you don’t want to overdo it with this font.
Just “sprinkle” it onto certain keywords (as seen in the example image above)
on your slide and you’re good to go.

To top it all off, the font is free for personal and
commercial use. Boom!

here to download


cool powerpoint fonts - aileron presentation font

Aileron is a sleek little sans serif font that takes
interesting spin off from “Neo-Grotesque” fonts.

It is close to Helvetica in terms of design, but rather
conceptually it is closer to Univers.

Utilizing multiple masters, weights are prepared in eight
levels from UltraLight to Black which gives the font a lot of versatility.

Aileron is really nice for presentation title slides or quote slides (as seen in the example image above).

Click here to download


best fonts for powerpoint - colus font

Colus is a free display font, whose designer Stan Partalev
was inspired by stone and wooden carved letter inscriptions.

With a classical appearance and mature characteristics, this
typeface family is appropriate for impressive headlines, remarkable logos, and
beautiful signs.

Colus comes with the broad support of many Latin and
Cyrillic based languages, proper localizations, lining numbers and old style

here to download

best fonts for powerpoint - colus font

I hope that you found some of the fonts listed above useful.
Remember that every font has its own unique personality. Therefore, you need to
choose a font that reflects the personality of your brand and story.

Do you have a friend that could use some help with picking
cool fonts for their next presentation? If so, make sure to send them a link to
this post.

Also …

What is your favorite font to use in in presentations these days? Leave a comment below!

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